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Engineered flooring staircase_Matching floor to stairs_Engineered wide plank flooring Ireland

Engineered Plank & Staircase

Not only do stairs bridge together the rooms and spirit of a space, they can also be the first thing that greets guests into a home. This functional and aesthetic purpose makes stairs the spine of a home.

What is engineered wood flooring?

Engineered Plank Flooring

On the surface, engineered wood flooring is made to look and feel identical to hardwood flooring. But, its construction only uses a thin layer of hardwood to achieve its appearance and has a plywood core.

Engineered wide plank flooring_Cost of engineered wood flooring Ireland_Forte Flooring
Matching my wood flooing to my staircase.
Engineered wood flooring onto staircase_Stair nosings_Custom Made_Forte Flooring

Engineered Staircase Casing

Our custom made engineered stair nosing utilises our plank boards to create the nosing for any size step.

Optional inserts of brass and white, silver or black Perspex can be added to the edge for detailing and durability.

Engineered Wide Plank Oak Flooring_Flooring Contractors_Forte Flooring

Classic Engineered Wide Plank Oak flooring installed throughout this kitchen/living area

Staircase with engineered hardwood flooring casing_Forte Flooring

Elegant Custom Made Stair Casing to match engineered wood floor.

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