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There are more than just a few good reasons why you should choose Right Way Carpentry & Flooring to install your next floor. If you are getting ready to install a new floor in your house, you should always opt for contractors with a lot of experience under their belts, so you can end up with a smooth and stable construction. The laminate, much like any other flooring, has its requirements when it comes to sub-flooring, the surrounding interior elements (skirting boards, doors, door frames, etc.). The professional contractor will come prepared to face all these necessary details and the finishing and the overall results will be more efficient and long-lasting.

Each of our flooring teams comes equipped with every tool that will be necessary for the job, and they will be more than happy to offer you advice and provide you with options when it comes to the edgings, trimming, and door thresholds, in order to suit your preference.

Our floor fitters will collect all the waste from the job after they have finished and they will clean up and let you marvel at the outstanding look of your new floors.


Expert Laminate Fitting Service-Drogheda, Co.Louth

4 Signs To Show Quality of Workmanship

1- All door frames that are included in the fitting are cut cleanly and with little or no gaps visual to the floor. 

2- All laminate boards are laid with no set pattern and are completely random to each other. This allows for a more natural look with the finished floor. 

3-All skirting is refitted as it was and caulked  so that the skirting looks as if it was never removed.

4-All wardrobes, stairs and kitchen units are floored under to allow for a clean, crisp finish with no beading needed to cover up floor edges that should otherwise be invisible. Also all radiator pipes extruding from  the ground should be cleanly cut around as shown in the picture below. 

Laminate Floor Fitters_How to lay laminate flooring correctly
Laminate plank laid correctly with random pattern.
Skirting refitted and caulked for the perfect finish.
Correct installation of laminate plank around rad pipes.

What Is The Makeup of Laminate Flooring?

If we have to briefly summarise what laminate flooring is, it is an artificial floor covering, that can look like either a real wood or a natural stone hard floor. The external appearance is left up to a photographic image of wood or natural stone, placed on top of a core board, made from compressed fibres. Everything is covered by a melamine wear layer, which is what gives this type of flooring its exceptional durability. The biggest advantages laminate holds over solid wood is that the former is way harder to scratch, and it's easier to clean, which makes it an ideal choice for crowded and busy houses.

It has achieved wide-spread popularity not only due to the natural appearance it has but also due to the fact that its installation is quick and easy. The planks offer a click installation system, which means that you will not be needing any adhesives or nails when placing it down.

The Complete Package: Laminate Floor Fitting & Supply

At Right Way Carpentry & Flooring we offer a  One-Call Fitting Service!

You can arrange a viewing of your floors in time, convenient for you, and one of our fitters will attend to inspect the subfloor, give you advice, and bring swatches of our wide range of laminate flooring. Afterwards, we will prepare a written quotation, including the supply of underlay, edgings, thresholds, and the service itself. And all that at some of the best rates available on the market!

New home laminate flooring special. Cost to floor a new home with laminate flooring plank.

New Home Specials available
3 bed house of laminate plank 12mm supplied & fitted €3500
Staircase not included-Max 110Sqm

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