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Bathrooms & Wet-rooms

We supply & fit tanking systems and fiberglassing to all wet rooms, whether residential or commercial, changing rooms or industrial applications. This vastly reduces the possibility of water damage in the area of a bath or shower enclosure.


Complete Bathroom Makeover

Let us take your bathroom back to the bare substructure before restarting your dream bathroom. We use the latest techniques and materials

Oriental Tile

Wall & Floor Tiling

Our services include kitchen wall & floor tiling, bathroom wall & floor tiling, tabletops & pillars and mosaic walls. On new builds, we carry out moisture testing prior to starting to ensure the surface is ready for tiling.


Wet-room & Tile Repairs

Unfortunately there is an ever increasing amount of companies that cut corners to save money on bathroom renovations. From leaking wetrooms to badly installed tiling we have seen it all. If you have an issue with leaking wet rooms or loose/cracking tiles give us a call today to see how we can help. 

5 Tips To Consider For The Best Finish To Your Bathroom Renovation Project

1.  Plan Your Bathroom-Take the time to careful plan out what works best for you in your new bathroom design and layout.

2. Bathroom Floor Plan- For those who are not aware, if you really want to save a good amount of money on renovation and demolition, it’s highly advisable to keep the new bath’s plumbing fixtures close to the bathroom’s existing plumbing.

3. Ensure There Is Proper Ventilation- Unfortunately, when it comes to bathroom renovation, a lot of homeowners tend to neglect this aspect. What they are not aware of is the fact that proper ventilation is very important, especially if you want to ensure that your bathroom renovation project lasts for years to come. A bathroom that’s not properly ventilated could contribute to a number of major issues, such as the mold and mildew. This could cause a lot of damage to a new bathroom renovation and is high on the list of priorities .

4. Maximising Space- Try to use all the space of your bathroom as much as possible. Use wall mounted sinks and toilets if your bathroom has a small footprint. 

5. Design with the Future in Mind- Consider walk-in wet rooms for easier access for elderly people, will more people be using the bathroom in the coming years, etc.

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